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Viewing Private and Public Tasks in the Sidebar

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Tasks in the About Sidebar

Get a quick overview of your Tasks in the About Sidebar by clicking the “Tasks” button.

Remember: to click the small blue “?” icon to get a help video reviewing this specific Task area.

Private Tasks

At the top of the list are your Private Tasks.

These are only visible to you and no one else on the team.

Use these to create Notes for calls, to do lists, or other personal work.

Create these tasks using the same window and utilizing features like time tracking or labels as you would in a public task.

Public Tasks

Beneath the Private Tasks are the “To Do” and “Doing” columns, and any other columns manually created will also be visible here too.

The tasks that show in this area of the About Sidebar are the tasks assigned to you. (If needed, you can also drag a Private Task down into the bottom sections and it will make it a publicly visible task.)

Use this area to quickly locate the tasks requiring your attention, because it may be more difficult to locate them just by looking at the Board View of Tasks. 

Adding a task in the About Sidebar area will automatically add it in the main Task board and it will be assigned to you.

Complete any task in the About Sidebar area by clicking the checkbox to the left of the task.

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