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Assigning Tasks to Your Team

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How to Assign a Task

You can assign a team member by hovering over the Task and clicking the “+” icon to select the team member.  

Or when you open a Task card click the “Assign Task” button in the top left corner.

Multiple team members can be assigned to a Task one at a time.

Remember: You can assign a Subtask the same way.

Send a Task Link

You may find it useful to send someone a link to a task directly. 

  1. Do this by clicking the Link icon when you hover over the task name.
  2. You’ve now copied the hyperlink for this task, and you can send it to a team member by writing a Message and pasting the link.
  3. The hyperlink will appear in a short name like, “T28”.
  4. If you had copied a Subtask link the short name would appear like, “ST29”.
  5. When your team member clicks on the link the task will immediately open in a window.

Remember: that you can share Task links across a Workspace too!

Assigning a Task to Members of a Different Workspace

If you need to move a task to a completely different team on another Workspace.

  1. Click the “…” icon when you hover the task name. 
  2. Select Move task and choose your new Workspace and then which column to place the task.

Remember: If you need to duplicate a task then click the “…” icon and select Duplicate Task.

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