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Video calling

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Heycollab allows you and your team to stay connected with team video calling via the web, mac, windows, iOS and Android apps.

To start a call, click the video Icon. Next, click the Join meeting button and heycollab will send out a message with a video call link so others in this workspace may join

Call via heycollab

As you start a call, you will be the moderator of the call, so when others will Ask to Join, you will need to admit them in

Once a call has started, at the bottom nav, you’ll have the option to:

Video calling toolbar
  • mute yourself or change your microphone settings
  • start or stop your camera and change the cam settings
  • Share your screen
  • use the video chat and polls feature
  • raise your hand or post a video reaction

Within the participants pane you can invite others to join

  • Hover over a participants field and click the 3-dot menu to view additional options and add breakout rooms
  • At the bottom nav the thumbnails icon would allow you to see all viewers in tile view
  • For more options including subtitles, call recording, video background and more, click the 3-dot menu.
Heycollab call recording including subtitles, call recording, video background and more.

Here’s a little useful tip: You may invite anyone to join your meeting even if they do not have an account with Heycollab

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