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Formatting text in messages

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Heycollab allows you to change the text style across messages, task comments and subtasks.

There are two ways to update the text:

  1. Via the messaging input box 3-dot menu
  2. Viat shortcuts
  1. Add formatting to text via the input box 3-dot menu
heycollab formatting text

Once you type your text in the messaging input box, highlight the text you wish to change and click on the 3-dot menu as shown above. From here you can make your text bold or italicized.

2. Add formatting to text via shortcuts

Simply select the text you wish to format and these shortcuts will stylize your text:

  • Bold by pressing command+b or control+b
  • Bold more by adding a second layer of asterixes (*) so you would have two at the beginning and two at the end of a text like this **text**
  • Italicize text by pressing command+i or control+i, or you can simply add _italicized text_ this (_)
  • If at the beginning of a message you add a line (-) and a space, that message will become a bullet point

NOTE: all the formatting will be visible once you send the message through.

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