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Creating a Task from a Message and using Visual Comments

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Creating a Task from a Message and using Visual Comments

In several instances we found the need to create a task from a message, simply click the checkmark icon and the task window will pop up. You can then create, assign, and label the task as needed.

You can easily attach files, folders, or images to your Messages. To attach several files to your message, simply drag and drop the files on the message. Or you can click the paperclip icon to upload. When attaching multiple files you can rearrange the order as needed by dragging them.

To upload a folder that you’ve created in the files section, click the paper-clip icon, select shared files and select the folder you wish to attach.

Attaching images allows users to add comments with visual markers that highlight the specific areas of the document which need attention or updates. You can add a comment before or after you send a message. All of your team’s comments and feedback will be collected in the comments column on the right.

Finally, you can quickly jump to the message you need by searching for specific keywords by clicking the magnifying glass icon.
Type the word you are hoping to find and click Enter.
Or you can filter messages!
Select a specific member of the team and only their messages will appear or select a date range and view just the messages sent during that time.

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