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Finding Your Notifications Video Tutorial

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Finding Notifications

HeyCollab uses notifications as a central way to keep you updated on any new messages, task assignments or task comments.
See your Notifications in the top left corner.
There is a separate count for task and message notifications.
Click on the “New” panel name to preview all your Notifications.
By default the most recent notifications received will be at the top.
Click the drop down arrow to filter through other options.
Click the … icon in the top right of the panel to mark all notifications read or delete them.
And use the same … icon on individual notifications to just make those changes to that notification.
All Notifications that are unread will have a blue background, and one’s you’ve seen will have a white background.
There are three icons used to visually identify: Messages, Task Comments, and Tasks.
Click on any icon on the side of the notification to open more details.
You may reply directly from the notifications panel by clicking the reply icon.

Another visual cue that displays is a white dot next to the name of any -Workspace that has a pending Notification.
A number will also appear in the icon for Messages or Tasks in the Workspace to show how many notifications are waiting for your review.

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