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Welcome to Heycollab

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Welcome to Heycollab

Your Heycollab Workspace is the single place for your team and your work.  This guide is for you, and we’re glad to show you the tools you can use to keep your team on track and productive.

Your work will be organized into a Workspace that will keep all your tasks, comments, and files quickly accessible.   Set up a Workspace quickly with these easy steps.

To stay informed on your team’s progress, use the Work tab.

This provides an admin a bird’s eye view of what your team is actively working on, and with a click on My Work you will get a snapshot of just your assigned tasks. 

Tracking time is built into every task for quick access, simply hover over the task and click the play button to start! 

And when feedback is needed on shared images, your team can add visual feedback for quick collaboration.

Follow this guide to get started empowering your team’s workflow with Heycollab!

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