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Create a workspace

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Create Your  Workspace

Your Heycollab workspace is where people can work together, connect all their tasks , and send the information they need to do their best work. Use the specific steps below to create your workspace and get started with Heycollab.

1. Click the Add Button on the Workspace title.

Click to allow you to name your Workspace.

2. Add a Workspace Name.

Name your workspace so that you and your team can easily determine what type of work will be completed here.

3. Add a Description.

Include any important details needed or special instructions like login information that the team might be regularly using to complete their work.

4. Select to make the Workspace “Public” or “Private”.

This governs who is able to see and join into the Workspace.

5. Click Create Workspace!

You are now ready to start adding Tasks and inviting your team to the Workspace.


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