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Overview of My Work

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How to See My Work

The My Work window allows you to see an overall summary of your activity in the Workspace.

When your work is shown, there will be four summary icons at the top: Tasks Completed, Hours Worked, Messages Sent, and Comments Posted.

The top section is “Tasks Assigned to Me” and is a collection of your work.

This previews important details like: due dates, tracked time, labels, and Workspace.  Click on the Workspace on the far right to jump directly into that Task board.

A helpful quick tip is to organize your window by creating a List!

Creating a Custom List:

Step 1:  

Click the “New List” button at the top row of the window, and the list will be added to the bottom of the display window.  

Step 2:

Click on the name to edit and type your own name for the list.

Step 3:  

To re-order a list you can click and drag it in any order under the “Tasks Assigned to Me” list.

Step 4:  

Simply drag any Task in the window into any list you create to organize your work. 


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