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Intro to Heycollab

Learn the basics in 3 minutes.

Create a workspace

Create Your  Workspace

Your Heycollab workspace is where people can work together, connect all their tasks, and send the information they need to do their best work. Use the specific steps below to create your workspace and get started with Heycollab. 

1. Click the Add Button on the Workspace title.

Click to allow you to name your Workspace.

Follow the instructions on naming the workspace by adding team members, or inviting new team members to this workspace. Settings provide selections to allow your team members to see messages, tasks, and files. 

2. Add a Workspace Name.

Name your workspace so that you and your team can easily determine what type of work will be completed here.

3. Add a description.

Include any important details needed or special instructions like login information that the team might be regularly using to complete their work.

4. Select to make the Workspace "Public" or "Private" and add members or invite new users to the workspace. 

This governs who is able to see and join into the Workspace. If this step is skipped- later the administrator of this workspace can add members or invite new users.

5. Ready to Create Workspace!

You are now ready to start adding Tasks and inviting your team to the Workspace.
If you created a workspace by mistake or decided to delete it later- right-click on the workspace you desire to delete and select “Delete Workspace”.

Once again there are a few things you can do with a workspace:
1. Add to Favorite
2. Move the workspace
3. Workspace Settings- change the settings of the workspace
4. Change notifications
5. Workspace E-mail
6. View the Timesheet
7. Export Timesheet
8. Export Conversation
9. Delete Workspace

In order to delete a workspace, there are 2 ways to do so, one is from the dropdown as you hover over the workspace and right click; the second is from the far right side on top, selecting the more icon- 3 dots and that will also give the user the ability to delete a workspace.

Hope this helped you learn more about how to become an efficient team!

Invite your team

Invite Your Team to Your Workspace

Maximizing the power of your Workspace begins with adding in your team members. 

This will allow you to send them direct messages and assign them Tasks specifically. 

Follow the steps below to add in your team!

1. Click “Invite new people”.

In the left hand column click the “Invite new people” button below by the Profile image.

2. Enter the User’s email address.

Type in the user’s email address and select the Workspace you want them to join.
You can add up to 5 e-mail addresses and copy the link for the invite as well.

3. User is sent an email invitation.

They will open the email and click to join.

Joining a Team

How to Join a Team

If you’ve been invited to a team in Heycollab, follow these simple steps to join:

Step 1:

Open the e-mail invite and click the Join Now button (if you have not received an invite, check your junk-mail folder)

Step 2:

Clicking on the Join now button should bring up this page, if it does not, make sure you are not logged in to Heycollab. If you are, simply log out, open this e-mail and click the “Join Now” button.

Step 3:

Once you filled out the form and submitted, you should be directed to heycollab. Now you can start collaborating with your team.

Intro for members

From creating workspaces and tasks to managing your team’s time and more.

Overview of My Work

How to See My Work

The My Work window allows you to see an overall summary of your activity in the Workspace.

When your work is shown, there will be four summary icons at the top: Tasks Completed, Hours Worked, Messages Sent, and Comments Posted.

The top section is “Tasks Assigned to Me” and is a collection of your work.

This previews important details like: due dates, tracked time, labels, and Workspace.  Click on the Workspace on the far right to jump directly into that Task board.

A helpful quick tip is to organize your window by creating a List!

Creating a Custom List:

Step 1:  

Click the “New List” button at the top row of the window, and the list will be added to the bottom of the display window.  

Step 2:

Click on the name to edit and type your own name for the list.

Step 3:  

To re-order a list you can click and drag it in any order under the “Tasks Assigned to Me” list.

Step 4:  

Simply drag any Task in the window into any list you create to organize your work. 


Notifications overview

Overview of Notifications

HeyCollab uses notifications as a central way to keep you updated on any new messages, task assignments or comments. You can see all your Notifications in the top left corner of the window.

Notice that there is a separate count for task and message notifications.

Click on the “New” panel name to preview all your Notifications in the About Sidebar on the right of your screen.

By default the most recent notifications received will be at the top.

You can click the drop down arrow to filter other options

Click the “…” icon in the top right of the panel to mark all notifications read or delete them.

And use the same “…” icon on individual notifications to just make those changes to that notification.

Note: All Notifications that are unread will have a blue background, and one’s you’ve seen will have a white background.

There are three icons used to visually identify: Messages, Task Comments, and Tasks.

Click on the icon in individual notifications to open the specific window related to that notification directly.

Another visual cue that displays is a white dot next to the name of any Workspace that has a pending Notification.

A number will also appear in the icon for Messages or Tasks in the Workspace to show how many notifications are waiting for your review.

Saved items overview

Saved Items Overview

Heycollab allows you to gather and save all your important Files, Messages, and Tasks in one place.  This allows for a quick way to get to the information that matters to you most when you are trying to complete your work related goals.

To access your Saved Items, look in the left hand column of the Workspace and select “Saved Items” from the top List.

You can add three types of items to Saved Items.  They are:  Messages, Tasks, and Files.

How Can You Add Items to Saved Items?

To add a Message go to any message and hover over it to reveal the Bookmark icon to the right.   

If you click the Bookmark icon again it will unselect and remove it from the Saved Items area.

In the same way when you hover over a Task in either the Board or List view it will show you the Bookmark icon you can click to add the Task to the Saved Items area.

Files can be added to Saved Items by going to the Files section in the Workspace or by looking at the Files in the About Sidebar.   Hover over the file name and select the Bookmark icon.

BONUS TIP:  Even your Private Tasks in the About Sidebar can also be added to your Saved Items and will display in the Task column of your Saved Items window.

Tracking my time

Tracking Your Time Overview

In Heycollab, wherever you have a Task you will be able to track the time spent on that work.

This timer is available no matter which view you use to access your Tasks.

Start Tracking your Time:

  1. Simply hover over any Task or Subtask and click the “Play” icon.
  2. This will start the timer which can be viewed directly on the Task or in the bottom left of the Workspace window.
  3. The Timer will stay visible no matter which Workplace view you move into.
  4. The title of the Task you are tracking will display below that Timer, or you can also click the Timer to bring up the Task window directly.
  5. When you are finished simply click the “Stop” icon on either Timer interface.
  6. A pop up window will automatically reveal an area to add a description of what you worked on during that period.

You can edit your descriptions by clicking the “Pencil” icon or by viewing the Time Report Log.

How to Use the Time Report Log

The Time Log Report window shows you who has worked on this specific Task.

It details which team member did the work, what date and time range they worked, and the description of the work they completed.

You can also manually enter a time range by adjusting the time range.

  1. View the Time Report Log by clicking the “…” icon to the right of the Task Name.
  2. Click the “Add Session Manually” button at the top of the Time Log Report window to enter any work that was not timed yet.   
  3. Choose the date or date range that was worked.
  4. Then select the time range that was worked. 
  5. As you add more timed work the Time Log Report will section out the display in week long increments, providing a total for each week. 
  6. Export any Time Log Report into a .csv file by clicking “Export Time Report” in the top right corner of the window.
  7. In a similar way you can view the tracked time you’ve spent working across multiple Workspaces.
  8. Click your Profile picture in the bottom left hand corner of the Workspace window.
  9. Select “View Company Timesheet”
  10. Then a Time Log Report window will open revealing all of the work that has been recorded across each of the Workspaces for the company.

Sending messages overview

Sending Messages Overview

Communication is key to collaboration, and Messages are a great way to reach out.

Heycollab’s focus is making messages an easy and direct part of the interface workflow experience.

How to Write and Send a Message:

1. Find your Workspace in the left hand column and click the center Chat icon.

2. In the below grey window type your message.

3.  Attach any files by clicking the “paper clip” icon on the left.  You can select from Dropbox, Google Drive or files uploaded from your computer.  (Or you can drag and drop a file directly to attach it too.)

4.  Directly mention a team member by clicking the “…” on the right and then select the “@” icon from the dropdown.  (you can add some simple formatting or insert an emoji here too.)

5.  Click the blue paper airplane icon when you are finished and ready to send.

Intro for admins

Learn how to manage your team’s workload, export time-sheet reports, customize roles & permissions and more.

Workspace Overview

Your Workspace Overview

The Heycollab workspace is a central place for your team and your work. Here is more information about creating or managing your new workspace. This guide is for you, and we’re glad you’re here!

1. Create a Workspace.

First, head to the Create a Workspace page we’ll walk you through the process through the step by step instructions. 

Once you’ve created your workspace, you’ll be the Admin for that space to manage your team and add Tasks.

2. Add a Task.

Choose the column of work on your Task board and add a Task.  Follow the instructions on the Add a Task page to make sure you understand all of the important features available to you and your team.

3. Invite your Team.

Get your teammates into your new Workspace so they can start collaborating and can receive all Tasks that are assigned to them.  You can make sure they are up to speed with all Heycollab can do by sending them to the Heycollab overview for users page. 

View and Manage Your Team

View and Manage Your Team.

An Administrator in a Workspace has access to the My Team window.

The Dashboard on this window shows a summary of all team members in the Workspace.

You can Filter this entire section by searching for a specific team member in the search bar in the top right corner. Or choose a specific time frame in the drop down menu on the top far right of the window.

The Workload graph gives a helpful visual graph of activity for your team members.

You can hover over a profile picture to reveal the teammate’s name, or hover over the bar graph to see specific task counts they are working on.

Each teammate has a profile card with even more of their work details in one location.

You can utilize labels on Tasks to help group types of work and see which team members are working on which Tasks.

Specific reports can help you see how your team members are working and what they have been working on.

When a team members work is shown, there will be four summary icons at the top: Tasks, Hours, Messages, and Comments.

Setup & Administration

Learn how to set up heycollab. From signing up, to setting up your team, resetting your password, and more.

Reset Password

To reset password follow these instructions:

  • Sign In to your team here
  • Click the forgot password link on this page (see attached)
Sign in page
  • Input your e-mail address on this next screen
  • You’ll receive an e-mail with a 5-digit verification code. You’ll need this code to be able to reset your password.
    Note: If you have not received an e-mail, check your spam or junk mail. After 60 seconds you will be able to resent the code.
  • For this last step, simply input your new password and you are now ready to log back in with your new credentials

Deleting your account

Once you delete an account, please note that this cannot be undone. Upon the deletion of your account, we delete all of your personal data as well.

To delete your account, follow these steps:

  • As an admin, open the main menu in the bottom left-hand corner and select billing
  • From the Billing popup, select Delete your account at the bottom and select Sure
  • For the last step, select why you are closing your account, give a brief explanation, and click the Close Account button.

Deleting your account

Once you delete an account, please note that this cannot be undone. Upon the del...

Reset Password

To reset password follow these instructions: Sign In to your team here Click the...

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